No other firearm had such a widespread use for so long a period as the flintlock. These arms served as a mainstay of armies, navies, and frontiersmen for 200 years. From the earliest days of America’s settlement and independence through the late Rocky Mountain fur trade, these muzzleloaders equipped generations of explorers. The Lewis and Clark expedition and subsequent fur traders relied daily on flintlock rifles for hunting and survival. The versatile flintlock ignition could accommodate natural rocks at hand, throw a spark when wet, and be used to start fires.

We created this spirit to match the versatility and ubiquity of this once standard piece of American life. Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum is rested then gently spiced with a subtle citrus and custom aromatic spice blend to complement the character the spirit develops in the wood. This is a dry sipping rum, pleasant served over ice yet strong enough to stand up in a cocktail. Enjoy responsibly.

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