The Spirits of Gulch Distillers

Burrone Aperitivo

Burrone Aperitivo is a bittersweet herbal liqueur distilled from a base of Montana grains and flavored with a unique botanical blend of citrus, rosehip, thyme, hibiscus, and spices. Its light, zesty, playful, and luscious character position Burrone Aperitivo as an ideal, appetizing dram before supper.


Burrone Fernet

Burrone Fernet is a bitter liqueur distilled from a base of Montana grains that incorporates a unique blend of herbs and spices including chamomile, myrrh, rhubarb, saffron, and mint. This amaro begins with layered spices and then fully engages the palate with an herbaceous bitterness and finally yields to a long, lingering, cool finish. We developed this bright, cool, and grounding amaro to please and tantalize the refined palate.

Made in the gulches of Montana, Burrone Fernet recalls the mountains of Italy through its aromatic, Western expression of a European classic.

71 Proof, 35.5% ABV

6 Bottle Case

Gold Medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Best in Show
American Craft Spirits Awards
Best in Class
American Craft Spirits Awards
Gold Medal
American Craft Spirits Awards
Silver Medal
American Distilling Institute

Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum

No other firearm had such a widespread use for so long a period as the flintlock. These arms served as a mainstay of armies, navies, and frontiersmen for 200 years. From the earliest days of America’s settlement and independence through the late Rocky Mountain fur trade, these muzzleloaders equipped generations of explorers. The Lewis and Clark expedition and subsequent fur traders relied daily on flintlock rifles for hunting and survival. The versatile flintlock ignition could accommodate natural rocks at hand, throw a spark when wet, and be used to start fires.

We created this spirit to match the versatility and ubiquity of this once standard piece of American life. Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum is a dry, light-bodied rum. Primary notes of banana and orange yield to a soft, spiced finish with cardamom, allspice, black pepper, and cinnamon.

Flying Anvil Single Malt

A Flying Anvil, the immediate product of an anvil blast, marks an important, celebratory event. The awesome display of raw energy transfer from a liberal measure of black powder to an anvil originated in the British Isles and immigrated to Appalachia and the southern colonies. It has marked many occasions, including the annual Rendezvous when fur traders would gather to exchange furs for goods and supplies, and engage in trading, business, and revelry. The Rendezvous frequently commenced with an anvil blast. In the Gulch Distillers family, an anvil blast similarly marks weddings, funerals, and Independence Day.

We patiently craft Flying Anvil Single Malt™ from 100% Montana-grown and -malted barley as an acknowledgement and celebration of place: open spaces, wild landscapes, productive soils, a big sky. A flying anvil delineates the junction of earth and sky, much as distillation elevates earthy substance to a light spirit.

Flying Anvil is a classic malt whisky with prominent notes of honeysuckle, apricot, and nougat, and subtle complements of cinnamon, mace, black pepper and vanilla. It draws out in an engaging, medium finish.

Fruition Apple Brandy

Montana has an overlooked though rich history of fruit production. Many fruit trees came to the territory with Montana’s pioneers, among them pears, plums, cherries, and apples. Settlers ornamented their homesteads with fruit trees and orchards and supplied other newcomers and mining camps with their fruits. The Bitterroot Valley, with its long growing season, supported apple orchards as early as the 1860’s. By the 1890’s Montana produced apples commercially and the industry marketed Bitter Root MacIntosh Apples across the country.

Fruition Apple Brandy carries on the pioneer spirit of Montana’s early homesteaders. We pot distill cider from Bitterroot Valley MacIntosh apples and age the brandy for several years in oak casks until it reaches maturity. This dry brandy has all the essence of the MacIntosh, complemented with notes of honey, cinnamon, and baked butter.

Montana’s quiet tradition of fruit production comes to fruition in this handcrafted brandy.

Guardian Gin

The “Guardian of the Gulch” stands sentinel over the historic heart of Helena, Montana. Citizens erected the first fire tower in 1868 to keep watch for the devastating fires that regularly plagued the mining camp along Last Chance Gulch. That original lookout itself was destroyed by fire, but in 1874 the city constructed the present standing fire tower which looked over the camp’s growth into a city and guarded the community for nearly 70 years with its 360-degree view.

Guardian Gin pays tribute to this iconic landmark. Like the architecture of the Guardian of the Gulch, our gin has a simple structure with only five botanicals, but through pot distillation those botanicals assert a bold character.

This dry, American gin has a full-bodied mouthfeel, an underlying sweetness, and primary notes of floral juniper, coriander, subtle citrus, and licorice root.

90 Proof, 45% ABV

6 Bottle Case

Guardian Reserve Gin

Like its sibling Guardian Gin, we distill Guardian Reserve in small batches of only a few hundred bottles from a base of Montana grains. It has the same DNA as Guardian, but a different upbringing: when Guardian Gin goes to the bottling line, Guardian Reserve goes to finishing school. We finish this gin for several months in French Oak casks to provide opportunity for the botanicals to fully integrate. The result is a gin with an altogether different balance than Guardian: subtle juniper, big floral character sporting lavender and rose, apricot, vanilla, lime peel, and cinnamon.

Perpetuity Gin

Montana’s unique character originates in the landscape: its space, beauty, the wealth of its natural resources, working lands, wildlife habitats, outdoor recreation. Generations of Montanans have worked to preserve that character, chief among them The Montana Land Reliance. Since 1978 The Montana Land Reliance has worked with landowners across the state to protect in perpetuity nearly one million acres of Big Sky Country from development.

At Gulch Distillers, we craft Montana spirits with Montana values from Montana grains. We are as proud of our Montana heritage as we are of our craft. We created Perpetuity Gin to honor The Montana Land Reliance’s work of protecting our open landscapes and agricultural traditions.
Perpetuity Gin is distilled from Montana-grown grains. It celebrates Montana’s open spaces with juniper, sage, and carefully selected botanicals.

Through The Montana Land Reliance, Perpetuity Gin also contributes to open space preservation. The spirit of Montana conservation begs appreciation and enjoyment.

Triple Divide Vodka

Triple Divide Vodka takes its name from an unassuming mountain with continental significance. The Great and Laurentian divides converge at the summit of Triple Divide Peak, from which mountain water flows to three corners of our continent. The three slopes of this hydrological apex divert water to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Hudson Bay.

We craft Triple Divide Vodka from Montana wheat and malted barley to produce a subtle spirit in the style of Triple Divide Peak’s reserved grandeur. Through the production of Triple Divide Vodka we preserve some of the inherent qualities of the grains at its base, which give this handcrafted vodka a full bodied, creamy texture and a pleasant, vanilla sweetness.

Farangi Ouzo

Farangi Ouzo is a captivating Hellenic-style spirit distilled in Helena, Montana that captures the rich traditions of Greek heritage. We craft this anise-dominated spirit as a labor of love in honor of our Greek roots; the result transports you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean by the sip. 

The name Farangi, meaning “gulch” or “gorge” in Greek, alludes to the depth and complexity of flavors that unfold with the addition of ice or a little water.

We bottle Farangi Ouzo at 90 proof, where it maintains clarity. Just below that proof however, with a little addition of water or ice, the rich oils “louche” out of the spirit, giving it a very cloudy, milky appearance. We recommend drinking Ouzo only after it has louched, for the lower proof unlocks the cinnamon and citrus notes in the spirit and allow it to really come alive.