Flying Anvil Single Malt

A Flying Anvil, the immediate product of an anvil blast, marks an important, celebratory event. The awesome display of raw energy transfer from a liberal measure of black powder to an anvil originated in the British Isles and immigrated to Appalachia and the southern colonies. It has marked many occasions, including the annual Rendezvous when fur traders would gather to exchange furs for goods and supplies, and engage in trading, business, and revelry. The Rendezvous frequently commenced with an anvil blast. In the Gulch Distillers family, an anvil blast similarly marks weddings, funerals, and Independence Day.

We patiently craft Flying Anvil Single Maltâ„¢ from 100% Montana-grown and -malted barley as an acknowledgement and celebration of place: open spaces, wild landscapes, productive soils, a big sky. A flying anvil delineates the junction of earth and sky, much as distillation elevates earthy substance to a light spirit.

Flying Anvil is a classic malt whisky with prominent notes of honeysuckle, apricot, and nougat, and subtle complements of cinnamon, mace, black pepper and vanilla. It draws out in an engaging, medium finish.