Fruition Apple Brandy

Montana has an overlooked though rich history of fruit production. Many fruit trees came to the territory with Montana’s pioneers, among them pears, plums, cherries, and apples. Settlers ornamented their homesteads with fruit trees and orchards and supplied other newcomers and mining camps with their fruits. The Bitterroot Valley, with its long growing season, supported apple orchards as early as the 1860’s. By the 1890’s Montana produced apples commercially and the industry marketed Bitter Root MacIntosh Apples across the country.

Fruition Apple Brandy carries on the pioneer spirit of Montana’s early homesteaders. We pot distill cider from Bitterroot Valley MacIntosh apples and age the brandy for several years in oak casks until it reaches maturity. This dry brandy has all the essence of the MacIntosh, complemented with notes of honey, cinnamon, and baked butter.

Montana’s quiet tradition of fruit production comes to fruition in this handcrafted brandy.