Farangi Ouzo

Farangi Ouzo is a captivating Hellenic-style spirit distilled in Helena, Montana that captures the rich traditions of Greek heritage. We craft this anise-dominated spirit as a labor of love in honor of our Greek roots; the result transports you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean by the sip. 

The name Farangi, meaning “gulch” or “gorge” in Greek, alludes to the depth and complexity of flavors that unfold with the addition of ice or a little water.

We bottle Farangi Ouzo at 90 proof, where it maintains clarity. Just below that proof however, with a little addition of water or ice, the rich oils “louche” out of the spirit, giving it a very cloudy, milky appearance. We recommend drinking Ouzo only after it has louched, for the lower proof unlocks the cinnamon and citrus notes in the spirit and allow it to really come alive. 

Anise-dominated, with complements of warming cinnamon and bright citrus.