Purple Prairie Barley, a Coin Club Exclusive

May 18, 2023

Purple Prairie Barley Whisky Back on the Shelf!
We released our first whisky in 2018, but that whisky was not our Flying Anvil Single Malt. Rather, it was from an experimental mashbill using malted barley, wheat, and purple prairie barley grown by our friends at Timeless Seeds.

It was a fun product that showcased a unique heritage grain from the mountains of Tibet that is now grown on Montana prairie. We liked the promise of that whisky, so we made more with the help of Timeless Seeds.

Our second and long-awaited batch of Purple Prairie Barley Whisky is now bottled and available to Coin Club members! As typical with our small batch spirits we have only 29 cases of this product. For this next week, Purple Prairie Barley Whisky will only be available to club members.

This fun whisky is bottled at 90 proof and displays notes of apricot, toffee, honeysuckle, almond extract, and leather. Come on down and have a taste!