Fall Cocktail Class Series

At High Noon and 1:00 on the appointed Saturday we will lead a class dedicated to a specific mixological topic. Tickets are $25 per seat, which includes class instruction and cocktails.

This season our classes venture into caffeine, gin, and ice. See below for details and seating availability.

October 14 - Drinkers' Digest

High proof spirits and bitter drinks have long been used as functional beverages. That’s because bitterness, sugar, and alcohol–each in their own way–signal your stomach that you are done eating and kickstart digestion. At this class we look at some of our preferred digestifs to help us process foods after a meal and soothe the pain of overeating.

 November 4 -  Batch That Thang Up

This is the sequel to our One, Two, Punch class from last year:  the essentials for serving good cocktails to a large crowd. But maybe you have a different objective than entertainment. Maybe you just want to preserve a bottle of expiring vermouth. Maybe you want the convenience of a cocktail on draft. Or maybe you just have a real fine cocktail and want to batch that thang up.

December 9 -  Brandy (You're a Fine Gill)

Brandy, you’re a fine gill, what a good drink you would be. This class focuses on one of our favorite spirits: the history, production, varieties, and many uses of brandy.