Winter Cocktail Class Series

At High Noon and 1:00 on the appointed Saturday we will lead a class dedicated to a specific mixological topic. Tickets are $25 per seat, which includes class instruction and cocktails.

This season our classes venture into citrus and Amaro. See below for details and seating availability.

April 20 - Shaken vs. Stirred

We are going back to the basics in one of our most popular cocktail classes. Can you bruise your spirit? Was James Bond a terrible drinker? How much ice is too much ice? When do you serve up, down, or on the rocks? We will talk about the basic do’s and don’ts and why’s and wherefore’s of mixing cocktails, and nitpick on stirring and shaking techniques.

May 4 -  May the Forth be With You

EPISODE X: A NEW LIBATION: In a tasting room far, far away, during a period of culinary innovation, the hidden mixology stronghold of Gulch Distillers summons rebels, Jedi, and travelers to train for a campaign of taste and mastery. From the distant reaches of Tatooine to the icy plains of Hoth, padawans congregate to study ancient mixological arts in order to craft concoctions that will master the overplayed Gin & Tonics, Rum & Cokes, and Jack & Gingers preferred by the Empire. It is the hope of Gulch Distillers that the skills crafted at this training camp could sway the balance between the light and dark sides of the Force…

June 29 -  Seductive Sidecar

Over the years we have dedicated several classes to the timeless Daiquiri; now it’s time we give the Sidecar its due. Although it’s a close cousin of the daiquiri, it is its own cocktail template in its own right. Come enjoy some good iterations while you find out why!