Winter Cocktail Class Series

At High Noon and 1:00 on the appointed Saturday we will lead a class dedicated to a specific mixological topic. Tickets are $20 per seat, which includes class instruction and cocktails.

This season our classes venture into caffeine, gin, and ice. See below for details and seating availability.

January 28 - Fully Leaded: Caffeine in Cocktails

From coffee to cola to cocoa, caffeine often finds its way into cocktails. We will show you some of our favorite ways to incorporate caffeine, and share some of the delicious libations that result.

 March 11 -  Keep Your Gin Up

This class focuses on one of our favorite spirits: the history of gin, our favorite ways to use it, and DIY methods of making your own gin with a custom botanical profile. At this class you will pick up some cocktail recipes, learn how to make your own gin at home, and have the opportunity to put together the base ingredients for your own gin formulation.

 April 22 -  Ice, Ice Baby

We love our ice at the distillery. Cubed, crushed, shaved, clear: we are very particular about such a fundamental but often overlooked and under-appreciated cocktail ingredient. Come see why we geek out over ice, learn the tricks and tools we use, and enjoy some of the various ways that ice elevates the cocktail.