Community Cocktails: The Myrna Loy Center

August 7, 2019

The Myrna Loy shows independent films each day and presents two full seasons of live performances each year. The Myrna Loy features a full concession stand with beer and wine available during films and performances, and an art gallery displaying the work of local and regional artists. The Myrna Loy is a nonprofit organization and thanks its nearly 700 members and 30 local business sponsors for their generous support of our mission.

The mission of the Myrna Loy is to inspire Helena by presenting culturally enriching arts experiences of all disciplines; to support local and regional artists in their work; and to foster a lifelong love of the arts through educational projects and experiences.

The Myrna Loy brings artists to Helena who wouldn’t otherwise visit our relatively remote location. We present diverse, thoughtful, passionate voices, that inspire our audiences. We also present workshops by our visiting artists to area students to help foster a lifelong love of the arts.

790 Front Street, Helena Montana