Community Cocktails: Original Governor’s Mansion Restoration Society

January 25, 2017

The Original Governor’s Mansion Restoration Society (OGMRS) exists to support the ongoing historic preservation and restoration of the Original Governor’s Mansion. Through our preservation work and educational programs, future generations can relive the past, discover history, and experience Montana’s rich cultural heritage.

Our restoration and preservation efforts are focused on Montana’s Original Governor’s Mansion. We also have educational materials that are sent out each year in trunks to Montana schools. These trunks include lesson plans and historic items and documents related in Montana history.

In addition to the restoration and preservation of the Original Governor’s Mansion and educational materials for schools the OGMRS also puts on local events each year for the community. The events are the Secret Garden Tour in July, the Historic Helena Halloween Walking Tour in October, and the Holiday Home Tour in December.

790 Front Street, Helena Montana