Community Cocktails: Montana Independent Living Project

October 17, 2018

mILp’s professional staff of Independent Living (IL) Specialists provides people living with disabilities with instruction and training to live, work, and recreate as independently as they desire.  IL simply means having equal access to the same opportunities as the rest of society and as specified by the Americans With Disabilities Act.  mILp provides Information & Referral Services, Independent Living Skills Training, Individual & Systems Advocacy, Peer Counseling, and Transition Services.

mILp provides learning opportunities for Daily Living Skills, Community Resource Acquisition (our staff assists consumers in researching and applying for community resources such as Medicaid services and waivers, Medicare benefits, food stamps, energy assistance and Meals on Wheels services), and access to Support and Recreational Groups.

Our programs include Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services to aid consumers in recruiting, hiring, training and managing their own personal care attendants, and Orientation & Mobility (O & M) Skills.  O & M skill instruction teaches individuals with low vision or blindness to identify their surroundings and to independently navigate around their homes, schools, and communities.

790 Front Street, Helena Montana