Community Cocktails: Helena’s Got Your 6

June 13, 2018

Helena’s Got Your 6 provides our local disabled heroes with an opportunity to restore a healthy, active lifestyle despite having suffered debilitating injuries while serving our country. We will be hosting local fundraisers of all types to meet our goal of making sure that every Veteran in Helena is given the opportunity to connect with nature through outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor picnics. Our trips and outings provide a sense of healing, personal accomplishment and bonding for heroes, caregivers, family and friends. It is our mission to assists our heroes in creating a sense of empowerment that impacts their daily life and overall well-being with a goal in sight of TOTAL RESET.

Areas Served:
Outdoor excursions and outings

Facility to reset the body and soul with massage, acupuncture, chiropractic healing and oxygen bar

Passionately pursue meeting financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families. We strive to raise awareness of their sacrifices and provide a safety net to ensure every military family is treated with honor and dignity.

Offer assistance and resources to military service members, veterans and their families in regards to mental health services, other financial assistance, and VA claim and processes

790 Front Street, Helena Montana