Fall Art Walk

November 4, 2016

Stop in at the Gulch during Downtown Helena’s Fall Art Walk. Have a cocktail and enjoy the powerful work of our featured artist and Gulch bartender Jamie Bates Slone:

The focus and significance of my work lies in the state of the human condition, the delicacy and fragility of the human construct in an emotional and physical sense. Through conjured memory, I revisit my family’s history with illness and premature death focusing primarily on our history with cancer. My current work is a reflection of those memories with an emphasis on the relationship between human biology and human emotion.

 By using the figure as a metaphor for the cancer itself I am able to convey the emotions often correlated with the disease. My surface choices are derived from high-color contrast scans of bodies and cancerous tissues and their inherently grotesque but psychedelic appearance. My intent is for one to imagine the surface of the skin as a reflection of the disease hidden within.

790 Front Street, Helena Montana