Community Cocktails: Awareness Network

March 8, 2017

One-in-five Helena youth will develop a mental illness. Anxiety disorders and depression are especially prevalent. Unfortunately, only a third of our communality’s kids, teenagers, and young adults will receive proper treatment. The greatest deterrent to treatment is cost. Mental health care services remain expensive and underinsured.

If a young person in the Helena area is looking for care, cost should never be a barrier. Working together with partners and community leaders, the Awareness Network is dedicated to covering all out-of-pocket costs for anyone in need of treatment.

Most behavioral disorders are highly treatable, if diagnosed and treated early. That’s why the Awareness Network focuses on our developing population.

In addition to covering the cost of mental health care services, the Awareness Network aims to educate the public, as well as end stigma in order to promote the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.

790 Front Street, Helena Montana