Community Cocktails

Gulch Distillers is committed to our vibrant community. We offer weekly Community Cocktail nights to actively engage with and support different subsets of our community. As a beneficiary of a Community Cocktail night, your organization will receive $1.00 of every full price cocktail and bottle sale during our tasting room hours (4:00 pm to 8:00 pm). Only Montana registered 501c(3) organizations may apply for a Community Cocktail night.

By applying for a Community Cocktail night you agree to promote this event and represent your organization during the event. Please utilize your organization’s network and other forms of advertising that work for your organization. It is your responsibility to promote your event. Please promote your event as much as possible to better benefit your organization!

You may also display promotional goods and information about your organization. We encourage you to use this opportunity to raise awareness about your organization in the community. We will provide a table and we ask that you have at least one representative attend the event to answer questions and share information about your outfit. We do not allow canvassing for donations table-to-table, but you are welcome to have raffle tickets, merchandise, donation envelopes, etc. available at your table. You are also welcome to bring food in–in our experience organizations that bring in appetizers have a better turnout. Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to do this.

Community Cocktails Application

790 Front Street, Helena Montana